Since 1998

NewMedia TV Networks founded by Robert King is a virtual ,development stage company made up of  accomplished entertainment industry professionals.

 With completed projects such as HDTV over IP and other broadband ventures. The future of Entertainment continues to be about creative works put to new media technologies. Our projects include Oscar night's  at the Beverly Hills Hotel, previously benefiting Martin Scorsese Film Foundation.

We shoot productions in High-resolution  format and have  produced  short movies in HD as well..  For over 15 years , we are early adopters of cutting edge technology such as HDTV over IP. Our latest New Media enterprise's are:, , and,  ,

New Media TV is Integrating  traditional distribution with new platforms and technologies along with new creative development techniques to provide improved viewer experiences.  Our list of projects and clients is diverse as we continue to prepare our clients for the emergence of new opportunities.

New Media TV networks with our www.StyleLA.TV is a IPtv broadcast channel of distribution. www.HDip.TV,

Our  Production  with worldwide Broadcast TV distribution on FTV Networks  distribution in 202 countries 30 satellites , IP and smart phone.                  now FTV HD USA Dish Network channel 374.      


NewMediaTV Networks is a portal to bring together the creative and technical community to distribute and redistribute their products through our Network.  Entertainment has also benefited from technology -- from silent films, to Technicolor, to wide screen to radio and television to black and white and video tape, creative people have pushed the technical window. One thing remains constant: good storytelling, from silent movie's "The Kiss" to HD Lord of the Rings -- media continues its essential requirement to entrance its audience's imagination. Storytellers are indebted to its technology professionals, inventors and innovators. Likewise the tech team needs its creative staff to embrace its technological breakthroughs.  

Call to meet our founder Robert King and  people like Emmy award winner R.Goren and  L Kim, C Ward, A Sadeh  and others 310.466.1718

Visit  a forum for technical understanding within the creative community.

Executive Producer Robert King has formed a worldwide media venture Global media Group, among it's ventures is the US introduction of  TOP MODEL OF CHINA   Ms. LuLu Huan             Join us  from Beijing, China


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