The Future Of Distribution Is NewMediaTV

The digital media revolution is upon us, and leading the way is IPtv

New Media TV will bring the revolution to you.  Our background in Hollywood Productions combined with our track record of being on the forefront of technology makes us the ideal company to make waves in this revolution.

 NewMediaTV empowers us to seamlessly combine your content with interactivity.  Your web media will come to life with the richness and quality only DVD and then HD DVD experienced before.  DVD will gain the interactivity and the dynamism that it was promised when first released.  NewMediaTV and will allow the media creator to bring their content to a single format that can be distributed to many audiences with out the need to be converted, or reedited.

Rights Management allows for media to be protected so that the content creator has flexibility in licensing ranging from playing a selection once, being able to transfer it to a portable device, or having unrestricted playback the possibilities are endless.

            Well along this path is Windows WM 10 and we at NewMediaTV are on board