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NewMediaTV combines the talents of  New Media founder and Producer  Robert King, the technical skills of our teams, and the combined resources of our strategic alliances.


ROBERT KING, International Cultural Producer, Speaker, Business Advisor and Media Innovator, on Air Talent, Pioneer in digital media, and an innovator in marketing, advertising, direct selling and technologies for over 35 years. His marketing expertise has spanned the globe including associations with ADP, CCH, Tymshare, Infonet-Minitel, Toshiba, Microsoft's Mr. Bill Gates/Casio, Klipsch/BAFTA Mr. George Lucas event , America's Cup, IBM, PSA INC, Boston Acoustics, AOL, RICOH, Night of 100 stars, Time Warner-WAMO,GM-Hughes/SteveSpielberg

Venice Italy Film Festival, Historic.Summit 1998 Opening Speaker Digital Cinema and DVD  

2009-2012 China Ministry of Culture, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia, Xian,       2009 Fashion Gala - 2010 World Expo - 2011 Xian Expo -2012  China Salutes London Olympics               

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King Industry experience's are Global from China to New Zealand Germany to France to Italy to Ireland to from Middle East to the United States to Mexico and currently Mainland China. from IT/Computing to Design Engineering to Chemical and process manufacture to Environmental to Retail Sales, to Entertainment to Cultural and Humanitarian... Within the sectors are broad ranged of hands on experiences from Creation to Sales and Marketing to Principal Investor.

Mr. King for the last 18years is a renowned strategic new media advisor to global conglomerates. Specializing in the facilitation of the worldwide business of entertainment, for feature films, television, music and new media.

His expertise crosses between traditional production-distribution to the cutting edge and back again.             He continues to further strategic alliances from international technology partners in broadband entertainment including rapidly expanding broadband wireless and the Burgeoning HDIPTVbusiness. :                        more click Robert King

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2013 Robert King Returned to Produce Oscar Night Gala seen world wide live 2013-02-23-Screenshot20130223at1.58.14PM.png

including first time ever in China Huffington Post.  Lewis writes news

Robert King appears to have pulled off something of a coup for his webcast from Night of 100 Stars party his year. He has partnered with Fashion TV to carry a live stream of his webcast on the Fashion TV website - FTV.com

And FTV.com will be live-streaming the show worldwide -- including to the People's Republic of China. Accessible to all 1,354,601,134 of them. So -- if you want to enjoy the Oscars with some good Chinese -- you know where to go...http://www.huffingtonpost.com/martin-lewis/enjoy-the-oscars-with-som_b_2750714.html

2012 London Olympics Cultural Producer

2011 China Arts and Cultural International Producer Activities, Xian Expo China , UN Nations

Hollywood Styled Shows...producer Robert King.    http://www.ftv.com/fashion/page.php?P=3488

Fashion TV broadcasts in 193 countries to 350 million home viewers, FTV HD is available in the USA in the Platinum HD package on DISH NETWORK (Channel number 374)                                         For more information about FTV HD, visit www.ftv.com/hd 


Noble www.HollywoodNoble.com

             Tom Holman:  TMH President.  Tom was chief electrical engineer at Advent Corporation, founded Apt Corporation, maker of the Apt/Holman preamplifier, and was at Lucasfilm Ltd. for 15 years, winding up as the company's Corporate Technical Director, where he developed the THX Sound System and its companions the Theater Alignment Program, Home THX, and the THX Digital Mastering       

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  Xybernaut: provides NewMediaTV's Head Display Units. Xybernaut products are an eloquent convergence of technology devices that integrate seamlessly and comfortably into traditional work situations and processes. They yield unparalleled benefits: improved focus, work flow, and teamwork, and significantly enhanced productivity.

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Rowby Goren brings to Newmedia Networks his three decades of network television entertainment background to the Internet. His television experience includes an Emmy Award for his work on NBC. He has written network television's biggest and most popular series. In addition, Rowby has produced network commercials for CBS. He has developed, written and produced series for Hallmark, all major network's and an internationally syndicated series.

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