ROBERT KING, a pioneer in digital media, and an innovator in marketing, advertising, direct selling and technologies for over 35 years. His marketing expertise has spanned the globe including associations with   ADP, CCH, Tymshare, Infonet-Minitel, Toshiba, Microsoft's Mr. Bill Gates/Casio,  Klipsch/BAFTA Mr. George Lucas event , America's Cup, IBM, PSA INC, Boston Acoustics, AOL, RICOH, Night of 100 stars, Time Warner -WAMO, GM-Hughes/Steven Spielberg              (for your entertainment, visit his Gallery)             

King Industry experience's are Global from Germany to France to Italy to Ireland to Middle East to the United States to Mexico and currently Mainland China. And are from IT/Computing to Design Engineering to Chemical and process manufacture to Environmental to Retail Sales, to Entertainment to Cultural and Humanitarian... Within the sectors are broad ranged of hands on experiences from Creation to Sales and Marketing to Principal Investor.

Mr. King for the last 18 years is a renowned strategic new media advisor to global conglomerates. Specializing in the facilitation of the worldwide business of entertainment, for feature films, television, music and new media.  His expertise crosses between traditional production-distribution to the cutting edge and back again. He continues to furthered strategic alliances from international technology partners in broadband entertainment including rapidly expanding broadband wireless and the Burgeoning HDIPTVbusiness.

Oscar Night Gala 2013


Breaking World News................

2012 London Olympics

2011 China Arts and Cultural International Producer Activities, Xian Expo China , UN Nations

2013 Oscar Night News

2012 London Olympics

2011 China Arts and Cultural International Producer Activities, Xian Expo China , UN Nations

August 2010 ..King In China  continues to make news...                                                       Executive Producer of 2010 World Expo Joy Stars  

Executive Producer Robert King with Yao Ming 
Celebrating Children and Goodwill  with Yao Ming, Lang Lang, Li Ning, Pu Cunxin   

World EXPO 2010  "Expo Joy-Stars" is a key activity of Expo organized by Shanghai Expo Bureau, CCPIT, Ministry of Culture and the State Sports General Administration.    The activity is initiated by Jackie Chan, Lang Lang and Yao Ming with the support from hundreds of Chinese and global celebrities, who have answered society’s call to support the needs of the world’s children.

May 2010 China Launch of the world's number one Chic Sport Fashion House " dimensione Danza of Italy " has reached over one billion ad impressions from Fashion TV networks to the CCTV coverage and airing of the TV special Chinese New Years Night 2010 is being submitted to Guinness World Records.

King is well known for Merging Hollywood and New Media; producing the Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks-GM Hughes event as well as the premiering the first film to DVD at the Venice International Film Festival, establishing him as a leading proponent of DVD. Additionally, his keynote address launched the Venice Film Market and gave great awareness to the filmmakers' role from DVD to Digital Cinema.

King was actively involved with Activitison first foray into multi-player games with Dark Reign and was presented with a commemorative from Auran it's Developers.

King was a guest speaker at E-3 and launched an exhibits of the first ever technology from the Military SIM contractor Perceptronics to a consumer market, in support of his showing was Hughes Aerospace, Hughes Network Services, DirecTV, Ricoh, American Mobile Satellites, C-CUBE

King is a recognized speaker on New Media and Digital technology and is a founding member of The International Association of multi channel music (IAMM) along with Tom Holman, the inventor of George Lucas's THX sound, He was a key panelist with Tom Dolby and Tom Holman as to copyright and Digital rights protection.

King has had guest appearances on Broadcast TV world wide from FTV Networks to China CCTV and appeared in hosted interviews with Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone, Sophia Milos, Top Model China Lulu Huan, Ms.Ukraine Larysa Poznyak King is on News outlets worldwide ,Wire Image to Getty Photo to China's Sina, Badiu Robert King also now appears on several IPtv shows with interviews from Jay Leno , Elton John, Paul Allen, America's Idol Randy Jackson, from his presentation and ribbon cutting in Beijing China and Captains of Industry Like Paul Allen Co-Founder of Microsoft the founder of Gateway Jim Wyatt, International Business leader and Real Estate Investor David E Walsh in Summer 2010 reprises " you are funded " Reality TV for the business minded.

In 2010 King's China Producing and speaking appearances- ribbon cutting ceremony on Fashion TV, CCTV and IPTV have reached well over 1 billion in the coverage of the Launch of China's TOP Model Lulu Huan Dimensione Danza- Beijing China Gala

He has met upwards of 50,000 people attended over 5000 trade shows including stars, royalty, international leaders and VIP Business tycoons from Oscar Night to Travel awards to Trade Shows to many Cannes Film Festivals, to Oscar Awards, Vanity Fair, Golden Globes, Monte Carlo Ball, Paris Ball, Presidential Clinton Inaugural, Beverly Hills and Los Angles Police Balls, Fashion Shows , Paris, Milan, Beijing NY LA

HRH the late Prince Rainer, reining Prince Albert, HRH Prince Edward, Queen and Royal Mum, , Sir Robert David Lion Gardner , Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher, China leaders, Sean Connery , Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone, Julie Roberts, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford , Queen Latifah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone ,Jamie Le Curtis, late Tony Curtis, Leonardo De Capri, Jack Nicholson, Helen Miren, Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Clint Eastwood , James Cameron, Ron Howard, Oliver Stone, Paul Verhoven, Jerry Bruckheimer, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jessie James, Quincy Jones,,Tony Bennett Rolling Stones, Billy Gibbons, Herbie Hancock, Dick Clark, Elton John, Billy Joel , Jay Leno, Conan, Simon Cowell, Howard Stern,Hugh Heffner , Designers Karl Lagerfeld , Max Azria, Tommy Hilfiger, Roberto Cavalli, Ginger Baroni, Bob Mackey, Chopard's Caroline Scheufele , Business Leaders Rubert Murdoch, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Case, Ted Leonsis, Jim Clark, , Chief Wolfgang Puck, Producers , Barry Osborne, Bob Shaye, Al Ruddy, Brian Grazer, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Robert Rehme, Joel Silver, Harry Thomason , the late Bob Hope, Henry Mancini, Pavarotti, late greats Douglas  Fairbaks Jr , Roy Disney , Bob Hope and many others

Robert King has Executive produced several short feature films in development with the award winning International Humanitarian Gesine Thomson with special appearances by Rod Stewart James Cameron, Tom Arnold and others. King also collaborated with her in support of the Oscar Nominated Film

Robert King was actively involved with award winning British Film maker Simon Channing Williams for a period in Britain and the USA in New Media and Digital awareness.

Robert King has produced many segments and been involved with International Business development in collaboration with the world's foremost brand in Fashion TV on Air and on line in 200 countries reaching over 2 billion having added CCTV distribution ( CHINA) the world largest TV distribution channel.

Robert King created and coined the Traveltainment brand and launched the Television Networks premiere production and in 1999 served as the Director and Creative Producer of the Travel Awards in London, attended by many of the world's leading travel industry Executives as well as many celebrities including Infonueuer and Executive Producer David E Walsh ,Nigel Mansell, Leo Sayer, The Drifters, Edwin Star and the Artist Formally known as Prince. This was both a TV broadcast, and Early stages of Interactive and IPTV.

King was also the new media producer for the Première of the Cyber-Net Live Worldfest, featuring the alliances of many cutting edge technologies. The event was sponsored in part by Variety, Earthlink, Yahoo, GoTo, EBay, PlayStation, and celebrated the Internet's 30th birthday. And honored the founder of the IP Internet from UCLA, Dr. Kleinrock.

King also produced New Media ventures with Toshiba, Time Warner, Venice International Film Festival, Hughes GM and Dream Works with Steven Spielberg and Night of 100stars.

Some Interesting highlights:

While being active in the Americas cup King got to introduce News Corp's Rupert Murdoch to among his first experience of a live internet chat with the now late Yacht skipper Peter Blake as they witnessed together Peter " text chatting " with his fans from New Zealand thru a Delphi connection in San Diego at the media center.

Robert King had personally campaigned to US Pres William Clinton, Mayor of Los Angeles Richard Riordian and the Calif Governor as to being the " first Secretary of E Commerce " this came as a result of King introducing a New Media campaign to the then running Governor.

In 2005 King created a concept plan in strategic development of Hangzhou China Theme park

2000 King's much talked about company launch with "World One Networks" , well known TV Producers Harry Thomson, Alan Ladd and Brown in which King was made President of Broadband of " WON " company had an expected feature film slate STARS included Billy Bob Thornton, Burt Reynolds " Crossing the Bar" and video library acquisitions including many titles from Hearst.

He was involved with Hughes Aerospace Technology in development with leading Space Scientist's Dr Don Mead , Dr Arthur Tillford and the Chief of Staff Lu Greg in the office's of Chairman Mike Armstrong from MPEG to Satellite Technology to Digital Cinema solutions which gave rise to his Technology introductions to Steven Spielberg and the resulting year long technology sharing with Dreamworks and then thru GM/ Hughes Aerospace further collaboration.

Mr. Spielberg presented a letter of merit to Robert King, Steven Spielberg Said " I am glad their are others in the world whom understand the importance of pushing the technological envelope".

King also perfected several applications in development for products such as Heads up display and satellite stabilizer technologies

On 11 November 1997 King participated in attendance/greeting/Luncheon of the Historic visit of Excellency Jiang Zemin President of Peoples Republic of China with such Dignitaries as Caroline L Ahmanson, Jill E Barad Chairman, Mattel, Inc, Frank J Biondi Jr Chairman Ceo Universal Studios, W. Wayne Booker, Vice Chairman Ford Motor Corp, Alton J Brann Chairman & Ceo UNOVA Inc, Mike R Bowlin Chairman Arco, David A Coulter Chairman & Ceo BankAmerica Corp, Thomas Cusack Chairman Transamerica Life, George David , Chairman United Technologies Corp, Rupert Murdoch Chairman News Corp, David H Murdock Chairman Dole Foods Corp, Dominic Ng CEO East West Bank, John F Smith Jr. Chairman General Motors Corp, Michael T Smith Chairman Hughes Electronics, Mark H Willes Chairman Times Mirror, Ronald B Woodard President Boeing Airplane, USA and Caifornia Government ,including Dr. Steven Chu the current Secretary of the Dept of Energy in President Obama Administration, Asia Society Trustees John D Rockefeller IV , the Beverly Hilton reception was well attended with many other VIP and celebrities... King also attended the Presidential dinner held for Chinese American leaders in Los Angeles Chinatown.

1988 include Robert King 's consulting in the beginning of the First commercial enterprise of the Internet " Infonet and France Telecom's - Minitel USA.

In 1984 famed Producer W Stark contracted with King for a slate of feature films including the " Petrified Prince " written by Ingmar Bergman.

1980 His first Technology investments in a Euro based service of the Airbus led him to build a USA company specially in Advanced composite Tooling whose introductions of materials were used on the development of the Northrop C-17 and introduced to Ford, Chrysler, Chris Craft virtually all companies whom were experimenting with lighter weight tooling and design materials. King was a member of The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering,

Robert King over the many years has and is active in many charities and philanthropic endeavors, he founded the educational Radio station WXBA which for 40 years has been a beacon in Long Island for students as they enter the entertainment industry also serving Educators and millions of listeners. King was a Boy Scout and then became a Scout Executive. He was involved in support of the AJC/ Honoring Steven Spielberg to Whitney Houston/ Michael Bolton Foundation, Friends Helping Friends, (the NBC Hit show Friends cast), and the Southern California consulting center charity having launched the Wallis Annenberg Award. King makes financial contributions to RTFD, Artists Rights Foundation now the Film Foundation, Best Buddies, Oceana, Black and White Police Ball, and others.

Robert King continues to break new ground as he presents fundamental new philosophies for the creative community to embrace. Mr. King has been quoted as saying:

" The ABC's of new media are the Artists Broadcasting to the Customer "

King continues this pursuit for Artistic excellence of Digital Evolution in HDIP